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WHO Should do CrossFit?

Whether you are a professional athlete, generally active, or haven't worked out in a while, CrossFit is for YOU! We want to help make your life better because that is what fitness is all about!

Too many times, I have been told that the workouts are too intense or "I am too old," "too weak," or "too out of shape." These are EXCUSES. Here at CrossFit Nashville, we STRONGLY believe Fitness is a PROCESS. We believe in increasing load and intensity over time. My grandmother and a former collegiate athlete both need to be squating and deadlifting. They are not going to deadlift or squat the same weight at the same intensity level, but both need to be doing the movement. My grandmother should start with an air squat and deadlifting a PVC pipe because she needs the basic mobility and strength required to pick things up off the ground. And she needs to be squatting so she can continue to live an independent lifestyle (we all have had loved ones who require assistance getting up and down because they have lost the strength to do so on their own!). Regardless of your current fitness level, we will start you on a path that will get you fitter and faster than you have ever been.


New members must complete a minimum of 3 Introductory Skills sessions before joining regular classes. The Introductory Skills sessions will cover the foundational movements that we perform at CrossFit Nashville, as well as allow you to experience a CrossFit workout with other people who are new to CrossFit. We offer intro classes one week a month. Set up introductory skill sessions by emailing Or, if you are just curious, call or email to come in and see what we do!

CrossFit Nashville

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