CrossFit Nashville
3628 Trousdale Dr. Suite C-F
Nashville, TN 37204
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Welcome to CrossFit Nashville

3628 Trousdale Dr. Suite C-F
Nashville, TN 37204

CrossFit is a core strength and conditioning program that includes functional movements performed at high intensity that are constantly varied.

Functional Movement

Fitness should be a tool that makes your life better. At CrossFit Nashville we will perform natural movements which means we will run, pick things up off the floor, squat, and put things overhead because that is what we do in life. These movements give us the ability to move a large load long distance quickly which produces power. You will not get that from dumbell curls or the pec dec machine, and when do we really use those movements in everyday life anyways?

High Intensity

At CrossFit Nashville we train with high intensity. Why? Because it yields results! We improve our fitness level when we train as hard as we can and it also means that each workout is typically going to be completed in less than 20 minutes. Why does everyone not train this way? Because it is HARD! It doesn't feel good to work hard and it makes most people uncomfortable which is why there are many people in gyms all over the world right now watching television on an elliptical machine and wondering why they are not seeing any results.

Constantly Varied

CrossFit combines movements from three areas:

  • Weightlifting (Deadlift, Squat, Presses, Clean & Jerk, Snatch, Kettlebells, Medicine Balls)
  • Gymnastics (Pull Ups, Ring Dips, Handstands, Rope Climbs, any other body weight movements you can imagine)
  • Running/Biking/Rowing

We have drawn some of the best exercises from all areas of fitness to give you the most comprehensive fitness program ever. Each day you will show up and perform the WOD (Workout of the Day) which will consist of movements from these three areas paired up in as many combinations as possible so that you will never get bored doing the same workouts over and over again.

If you are interested in finding out more, contact us today or come into the gym and check out what we do.

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Monday, July 6 2015
100 x Pull Up
100 x Push Up
100 x Sit Up
100 x Air Squat
*25 MIN CAP*

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