Preston Soechting (Owner/Coach)
Preston Soechting (Owner/Coach) CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (September 2010)
CrossFit Level 2 Trainer (May 2011)
CrossFit Level 3 Trainer (January 2021)

2011 CrossFit Coaches Prep Course
2011 Starting Strength Training Camp Attendee

Military Experience:
U.S. Army Captain

4 Years Active Duty Service (October 2006 - March 2011)

Freed-Hardeman University (May 2006)
B.A., Business Administration

Competition Experience:
CrossFit Central East Regional Individual Competitor (2012, 2013)
CrossFit Central East Regional Team Competitor (2014) (9th)
CrossFit Semifinal Team Competitor Mid Atlantic CrossFit Challenge 2021(9th)
CrossFit Semifinal Team Competitor Syndicate Crown 2022

Preston has been CrossFitting since July 2010. Prior to CrossFit, his strength and conditioning background came from training for the ARMY. Preston has competed in several sprint triathlons, half marathons, 5Ks, 10Ks, U.S. Army Best Sapper Competition, and local CrossFit competitions. He loves challenges in all areas of his life and that is what drew him to CrossFit. He loves pushing people to optimize their fitness in all areas. He loves to program and has been doing daiy CrossFit programming and Crossfit Competitor programming for over 12 years. In addition to running CrossFit Nashville he also runs the paincave program, a crossfit competitor program that can be found on instagram that is a dedicated daily program for athletes in Crossfit who deire to be competitive. 
John Barron
John Barron CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (May 2015)

University of Tennessee, Knoxville (May 2011)
B.S., Communication

John has been crossfitting since 2011. Prior to Crossfit his strength and conditioning came from traditional weight training and growing up playing sports. Over the years he has competed in several CrossFit competitions, run a half marathon, and continued to play rec league sports for fun.
Matthew Andreatta
Matthew Andreatta CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (February 2016)

University of California, Davis (May 2007)
B.S., Biotechnology

Purdue University (May 2011)
UM.S., Plant Genetics

Purdue University (May 2013)
Ph.D., Evolutionary Genetics

Matthew has been CrossFitting since July 2012. Prior to CrossFit, he ran varsity cross-country/track, trained for half marathons, played soccer, and trained acrobatics in capoeira. Matthew has competed in multiple CrossFit competitions and intramural sports through the Nashville Sports League.


Katie Giglio-Howe
Katie Giglio-Howe
CrossFit Level 2 Trainer (OCT 2020)
CrossFit Kids Specialty Course (August 2017)

University of Florida (May 2011)
B.HS., Communicative Disorders

University of Tennessee (May 2013)
M.S., Speech-Language Pathology

Katie has been CrossFitting since March 2013.  Prior to CrossFit, she did competitive cheerleading, ran cross country and track, and swam.  Katie has competed in multiple individual and team CrossFit competitions in the Middle Tennessee Area.
Jeremy Broom
Jeremy Broom CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (September 2017)

University of Alabama (December 2010)
B.S., Financial Planning

Jeremy has been CrossFitting since 2009. Prior to CrossFit, he played football, baseball and ran the 100/200. Jeremy has competed in multiple local CrossFit competitions and intramural sports through the Nashville Sports League.
James Pittman
James  Pittman

James started CrossFit in February of 2019. As a lifelong runner he had become bored and not as active as he wanted to be. ‘Discovering CrossFit has been paramount in my pursuit of fitness, and the community at CFN has supported me all the way.’ What James loves about CrossFit is the programming. ‘Every day has a different workout that challenges you in a new way. All you need to do is show up and put in the work.’ As a coach James enjoys watching the progression of new members and helping them with their own fitness journey. ‘The CrossFit community is amazing, no matter what your level of fitness is, you are welcomed and supported all the way.’ 

The University of Texas at Austin, Bachelors of Science in Nursing

The University of Texas at Austin, Masters of Science in Nursing and Healthcare Administration

Payton McCollum
Payton McCollum
Freed-Hardeman University (May 2009)
B.A., Public Relations
Payton's CrossFit journey began two different times. The first attempt was an intro class that he couldn't complete and sore the modality off for life. The second attempt in January of 2018 - thanks to the egging on of his wife and friends that were already CFN members - was successful. Payton loves the community that CrossFit provides along with the long lasting physical, mental, and emotional health benefits. As a trainer, having the opportunity to share his love for fitness and helping others to get better brings Payton immense joy. 
In high school, Payton played golf and soccer. He went on to play college rugby. Payton is an avid runner, road cyclist, and outdoorsmen. 
Jessica Tiano
Jessica Tiano CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (May 2019)


Belmont University
B.S., Exercise Science and Strength and Conditioning (May 2018)

M.S, Sports Administration (May 2020)

Jessica has been CrossFitting since 2014. Prior to CrossFit she was a competitive gymnast for 8 years. She has competed in a few team competitions over the years.
Sarah Sepanski
Sarah Sepanski CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (October 2019)


University of Dayton
B.S., Business Administration, Finance and Economics (2018)

Lipscomb University
M.Ed (2019)

Sarah has been CrossFitting since June of 2018. Prior to CrossFit, she has competed in sports such as gymnastics, volleyball, and track & field.
She was a Heptathlete at the University of Dayton.
Mike Thomas
Mike Thomas CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (January 2019)


Lipscomb University
B.S., Fitness & Sports Studies (May 2020)

Mike has been CrossFitting since April 2016. His athletic background consists of football, Karate, wrestling, baseball and track. After completing his senior season of football he was searching for a competitive outlet and found CrossFit Nashville not long after.
Rick Moore
Rick Moore Crossfit Level 1 Trainer (January 2019)


North Carolina State University
B.S. Mechanical Engineering (December 2014)

Rick has been CrossFitting since August 2017. Before CrossFit he played football and swam in high school and played rec sports in college.

Margaret Allison
Margaret Allison

L1 October 2021


BS in human sciences

Margaret has been CrossFitting since 2017. She embarked on a personal journey to harness its benefits for her mental well-being. Struggling with stress and anxiety, she found solace and strength within the walls of the gym. Through the intensity of each workout and the camaraderie of the community, she discovered a place that helped her overcome challenges both physically and mentally. With a deep understanding of the connection between physical activity and emotional well-being, Margaret is committed to supporting others in their journey towards greater resilience, self-confidence, and a healthier mind.

Marisa Hom`
Marisa Hom`

Coaching Credentials:
Crossfit L2 (July 3, 2023)

B.S. UC Berkeley, Molecular Toxicology
Ph.D. Stanford, Chemical Biology

Marisa was introduced to Crossfit in 2014 at the behest of her mom. Crossfit helped Marisa find joy during the stress of grad school and she became enamored with both the sport and the community it fosters. She loves the fact that every workout can be as hard as you push yourself, and that growth in the sport is endless. In addition to growing her fitness, Marisa loves coaching others to help them move better and discover their athletic potential.

Faride Medina

Crossfit Level 1 Trainer (July 2021)

Belmont University
B.A. Business Administration (May 2017)
M.A.T. Elementary Education & English as a Second Language (May 2021)

Faride (fuh-ree-day) started CrossFit in 2014 to improve her general health and fitness. At CrossFit Nashville, she found coaches and a community that welcomed her and pushed her to reach her goals. Faride hopes to provide the same welcoming atmosphere to her classes that she received as a new member at CFN.

Faith Klein

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (April 2021)

Lipscomb University (December 2017)
Bachelor of Fine Arts

Faith started CrossFit in August 2018. Sports were an important part of her life when she was young, and she was glad to reconnect with her competitive side when she found CFN. Faith appreciates how CrossFit teaches people what their bodies are capable of while providing an intentional, uplifting community.

Jay Klein
Jay Klein

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (April 2021) Education:

Lipscomb University (May 2017)
B.A., Political Science & Philosophy

Tennessee State University (December 2022)
MPA, Public Policy

Jay has been CrossFitting since 2015, and his time playing high school sports and cycling laid his foundation for becoming an avid CrossFitter. Jay’s favorite thing about CrossFit is learning, improving, and mastering new skills and techniques, and as a trainer, he strives to create a fun and engaging environment for athletes to do just that. Aside from CrossFit, Jay enjoys using his fitness to spend time outdoors, especially on a golf course.
Trevor Smith
Trevor Smith

Coaching Credentials:

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (July, 2021)



B.S. Business Administration, Carson-Newman University

M.B.A., The University of Tennessee - Knoxville



Trevor has been CrossFitting since August of 2019. He was exposed to "CrossFit-like" workouts at a previous gym he was a member of in Nashville and chose to pursue and join an actual Affiliate. At CrossFit Nashville, he found  a gym that would push him with challenging workouts and also a place that felt like home. He found a community that quickly became like family and met his now wife at the same gym, for which he is forever grateful. Trevor loves CrossFit's ability to continually challenge you to be better, no matter your experience or fitness level, and loves to coach and challenge members to do the same.

CrossFit Nashville

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