Member Spotlight - Allison Strnad

November 16th, 2016

Member Spotlight - Allison Strnad

Each month we will feature a different member of our CrossFit Nashville community in our 'Member Spotlight'. We will ask them to share part of their life with us as well as their CrossFit story.

Allison Strnad

How long have you been a member of CrossFit Nashville?

I have been a member at CFN for 3 years. Lew [McCarver] introduced me to the community.   


What do you do outside of the gym? Tell us about your life:

I am a mom and ob/gyn. I have 2 kids and a very supportive husband. We have a busy life with work and kids especially as they get involved in more activities. I am very lucky to have a family that understands and prioritizes fitness.   


What are your favorite things to do outside of the gym?

I love to watch my kids participate in their various activities - soccer, piano, swimming, diving and chess. I enjoy going to Center Hill Lake in the summer for various watersports and we go snow skiing/boarding in the winter.


What is your favorite music for the gym? Outside the gym?

Workout music: anything but TRON music. Honestly I rarely notice the music unless it is to slow or not loud enough. If it is not loud enough I notice my heavy breathing more which is a distraction.  

Outside the gym music: I am eclectic in my tastes - Old favs are The Killers, Sting, U2, Johnny Cash and Dolly Parton. Right now I like Twenty-One Pilots, Coldplay, Halsey.  


Why do you do CrossFit?

I do CrossFit for my health, fitness and sanity. I was always a runner and would probably still just be running if I had not developed a hip injury which limits my running.  


What, if anything has surprised you about CrossFit since starting?

I was always a solo runner because I had to go so early in the morning. Also it is hard to make definite plans with others all the time because you never know when someone will be in labor. So, I was surprised at how much I enjoyed CrossFit community and working out with other people. I can do CrossFit alone but I don’t think I work as hard as I do in a group. I was also surprised at how good I feel after CrossFit. I am sore most of the time but most of the pain I had from running has disappeared.


What have you enjoyed most about CrossFit?

I love that there are so many things for me to work on and get better at  in CrossFit. With running I think I had reached close to my potential with how fast I could run. With CrossFit the room for improvement is endless.   


What makes you come in and work out on a day that you don’t want to?

I can’t remember a day I did not want to work out. It is hard for me to take a rest day!! 

What are your favorite movements/WODs?

I like everything but wall balls, rowing, and ring dips but my favorites are pull-ups and running. Favorite workout - Mary, Nancy, Manion. 


Do you follow a specific diet?

I was vegan till I started CrossFit. Now I eat eggs and certain fish on vacation but I still do not like meat.

It’s Saturday night and you’re ready for a cheat meal. What are you having?

What is a cheat meal… just kidding!!! Indian food, pizza, chocolate peanut butter cookies with vanilla ice cream.   


What goals in or out of the gym do you have for the next year?

My goals in the gym are to get better at muscle ups and continue to work on my main weakness, barbell movements.  


What is something that nobody at the gym knows about you?

I hate speaking in large groups/public speaking. I will do just about anything to avoid it.


What are you most proud of in your life?

I think as a parent I am most proud of my kids.

How has CrossFit Nashville changed your life?

CFN has made me a stronger, more well rounded athlete. I also love the community and friends that I have made over the last 3 years.

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