Member Spotlight - Tim Hickey

August 31st, 2016

Member Spotlight - Tim Hickey
Each month we will feature a different member of our CrossFit Nashville community in our 'Member Spotlight'. We will ask them to share part of their life with us as well as their CrossFit story.

Tim Hickey

How long have you been a member of CrossFit Nashville?

I’ve been a member at CFN since Fall 2012. I was on a waiting list for the old gym then joined when CFN moved to Trousdale. We had a great 5:30 AM crew.  I began going three days a week then really started drinking the Kool-Aid. Now, I would go everyday if I could make it.


What do you do outside of the gym? Tell us about your life:

When I’m not pumping iron, I’m usually working or at home spending time with my wife, Taryn and daughter, Collins. My office is in Brentwood so I have the pleasure of fighting Maryland Farms traffic every afternoon only to catch the train completely stopped on Trousdale most of the time. 


What are your favorite things to do outside of the gym?

I enjoy watching the Vols and playing golf even though I’m not any good.


Favorite Books:

My brother introduced me to Vince Flynn years ago and I’ve read every one of his books. Memorial Day or Kill Shot are great ones to start with if anyone is interested. They’re awesome books about CIA super-agent, Mitch Rapp.  Unbroken was a great book. It’s the true story about an Olympic track star turned POW in Japan during WWII. In the spirit of Crossfit, Embrace the Suck was pretty good.


What is your favorite music for the gym? Outside the gym?

My favorite music in the gym is probably older Kings of Leon or Jack White, so I’m clearly not selecting the music at CFN.  I’ll turn my music on in the weight room sometimes. I’ve actually grown to like really hard rap music when we’re working out. I couldn’t name you five current rappers though. I listen to all kinds of music outside the gym. I love listening to the Allman Brothers. My wife has an Otis Redding Pandora station that is absolutely dialed-in right now. I like certain older country music, like George Straight or Brooks and Dunn. Sturgill Simpson and Chris Stapleton are awesome. I usually listen to Alt Nation or Lightning 100 around town in the car though. Country music radio is too hit or miss. Rascal Flatts will ruin my day.

Why do you do CrossFit?

I first started doing Crossfit to stay fit and healthy, and now it’s almost a hobby. I like participating in the Open, Olympic lifting, and blowing off steam at the end of the day.  My brother told me about Crossfit when he was stationed in Afghanistan and he still does it to this day. When my family gets together, we’ll go find a gym somewhere and drop in. It’s awesome.


What, if anything has surprised you about CrossFit since starting?

I was most surprised with the effectiveness of Crossfit. It turns out that changing your diet and doing typical Crossfit movements at super-high intensity levels really works. I never thought I would care anything about squat cleans or snatches but olympic lifting is one of my favorite components to Crossfit. I’m pretty disappointed if there’s not a barbell movement in the WOD.


What have you enjoyed most about CrossFit?

I like the rawness of Crossfit gyms. I enjoy rolling up garage doors, turning on loud music and going as hard as you can.


What makes you come in and work out on a day that you don’t want to?

I’m 35 years old and I want to be fit, fast and strong as I long as I’m able.  I have a young daughter that I want to be active with for a long time. That’s what motivates me.


What are your favorite movements/WODs?

My favorite WOD is Murph on Memorial Day. It’s a total grind but I love HERO WODs. I like (descending) chippers, shoulder to overheads, box jumps, burpees, pull-ups, cleans, snatches, overhead squats, and front squats.


Do you follow a specific diet?

I try to eat lean meats, veggies and fruit most of the time. I don’t really follow a strict plan but try not to eat much bread, pasta, sugar, or fake food. I like the idea of sticking to the outside aisles of the grocery store. I drink a lot of water during the day and steer clear sugary drinks (most of the time). Cold beer is okay.


It’s Saturday night and you’re ready for a cheat meal. What are you having?

I’m probably eating a cheeseburger and French fries. Most likely from Sportsman’s. A pizza runs a close, very close, second place.


What goals in or out of the gym do you have for the next year?

My goal in the gym right now is to work out 4 days per week.


What are you most proud of in your life?

I’m most proud of my dog Snots. He’s my pride and joy.

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